Help for Completing Advert Form


This is where you enter the words for the advert. Maximum 1000 characters. Dragon Driving will create a title for your advert and split your text into 3 paragraphs.


This is where you enter the price you are selling your item for.
Price must be numbers only in whole pounds eg 45 not 45.00.
Do not put a £ sign.
For POA enter 0 for Price and POA in the Price Text box.

Price Text

Text that appears after the price. eg ono or includes tack and rugs.


Images of type jpg,png or gif can be uploaded here. Alternatively you can send the images later by email or from the advert help page.

Special Ad

Tick this box if you want to add 2 extra images to your advert you can also link to an appropriate YouTube video.
This cost an extra £3 for the 2 extra images and videolink.

YouTube video link

Enter the short url for your YouTube video
The short YouTube url can be found under the video by clicking on Share.
The url will be similar to:

Horse Adverts


Select the gender of your horse. Fillies and Colts are under 4 years old. Mares and Stallions are 4 years old and over.


Select if your horse is under 4 years old.


Select if your horse has been ridden. This is for riding horses not for potential riding horses


Select if your horse has been driven. This is for driving horses not for potential driving horses


Select this if your the Horse / Pony is skewbald, piebald, blagdon or spotted


Select if the horse is or has been a broodmare or if has sired foals.


Select the approxmate size of your horse. If your horse is a youngsters select the size you think the horse will make when it is fully grown.

Carriage / Harness Adverts

Size to fit From:

Select the smallest size horse the carriage / harness will fit. Select 'Don't Know' - if size is not known

Size To:

Please select the maximum size of horse / pony the carriage / harness will fit.

Four Wheels

Select if your carriage is a four wheeler.

Litter of Puppies/Kittens Adverts

DoB of Litter:

Please enter the Date the Litter was born. ( dd/mm/yy )

Business Adverts

Web Address

Tick this box if you want to add a live weblink on your advert. This cost an extra £30 per year.

Web Link

Enter your website address. This must be a website dedicated solely to the business not a page on a general website.